Wardley Primary School – Case Study

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The School

Using their motto ‘Explore, Discover, Succeed’ and 2009 OFSTED success as examples, Wardley clearly strives to encourage and support its pupils to achieve the best in their education. Described as a Good school with several Outstanding features by OFSTED, Wardley is clearly a school Gateshead can be proud of. We were lucky enough to meet their Business Manager, Carole, who demonstrated the same commitment to excellence with regards to the school’s financial situation.

The Business Manager

When Carole joined Wardley she explained that the school fund accounts were managed using a basic written ledger system. At one time it was the simplest way to manage school money, but with the demands of an external audit, the ledger system was soon found to be out-dated and overwhelmingly time-consuming due to its inability to provide a transparent audit trail.  When asked to find a particular student’s transactions for that term, she ended up spending hours digging through the paperwork. Something had to change.

The Customer

In 2007, Wardley Primary was invited to send interested parties to a hands-on demonstration of a tool dedicated to accurately manage school funds. Carole attended and had an informative demonstration of a dedicated software package with fantastic support, by family-run business Pebble. In its 7th version, Fund Manager – with its accurate reporting – was an obvious choice for Carole to revolutionise the management of Wardley’s school funds.

The Future

Carole has since become quite the dedicated Pebble customer. We may have over 2,500 schools using our products but like Carole, you will always receive a personalised e-mail or call for everything from a support query to new product enquiry.

Pebble’s Fund Manager has completely re-invented itself to the cloud-based Version 8. For Carole, it was easy to accept our invitation to our newest Pebble Workshop in Gateshead to have a hands-on demonstration of the new and exciting version, featuring dinner money and online payments.  We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Carole and Wardley Primary to help them implement time- and cost-effective solutions for the management of their school funds.

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