Barley Mow Primary School – Case Study

Value the Partnership between School and Home

The School

Barley Mow Primary School is brand new.  Less than 2 years old, it is a fantastic example of a modern school with a wide range of facilities, located in Chester-Le-Street, County Durham.  There are approximately 220 students from Nursery to Year 6.  Most of them will have been sent to school with their envelope of money to pay for exciting trips out or to replace outgrown uniform over the years.   All the cash and cheques end up with one lady in the school office, who is getting fed up with the mountains of records she must keep for that fateful day an auditor visits.

The Finance Officer

I met Julie Moons in person at our Gateshead-Pebble workshop in March.  The first thing I noticed was how keen she was to improve the school’s finance system.  Using only printed class lists and written receipts to run the finances, there had been a fair amount of time wasted and a number of errors made.  The fact that money for a particular school trip would have to be combined into one total, losing the details of who handed it in and when it was paid, was disappointing – Julie was clearly here to get things in line.

The Customer

It was fantastic news for Julie that we import names and details from their SIMS system.  As an attendee of our Pebble workshop Julie – along with 12 others – was presented with the basics of our latest system and got hands-on with her own demonstration account.  By the end of the session she knew the easy-to-use Fund Manager Version 8 would provide the accurate accounting and reporting that she needed.  She took our clear and transparent price information to the Head and requested the invoice later that day.

The Future

As a new customer, Julie will be contacted several times over the next year to ensure the school is getting the maximum out of Fund Manager.  We know that switching to something completely different can be daunting in the school office so we will arrange an online training session and support for Julie until she is proficient.  She has the confidence of knowing her own support advisor will be there when she completes various processes for the first time, like year-end close down.  Fund Manager’s online payment import facility means Barley Mow can now progress with cashless initiatives at its own pace.

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