One stop solution for school finance and online payments

The success of Pebble and sQuid’s collaboration has created an innovative end-to-end solution that enables parents and schools to manage online payments for items such as dinner money, school trips and uniform. The system integrates Pebble’s School Fund Manager accounting software with sQuid’s ePayments service. Payments are fast, secure and the whole process significantly reduces the administration time required by the finance office. This is because it removes the need for cash and cheques to be taken into school and, with Fund Manager’s import feature, transactions are recorded instantly in the school finance office.

St Olave’s Grammar School, which was voted The Times State School of the Year in 2008, is renowned for its innovative approach to school finance. As a Pebble customer for the last decade, St Olave’s was one of the first schools to recognise Pebble and sQuid’s solution as an effective way of interacting with parents for the receipt and management of school voluntary funds.

For Kerry Evans, the Finance Manager at St Olave’s,

“The ePayments system from our end is phenomenal and has proved to save time and money”

More schools are looking for online payments solutions to streamline accounting practices in the school office and to save time by reducing the number of cash and cheque payments that need to be manually handled. The Pebble and sQuid solution is a fantastic service for schools that are looking to revolutionise the management of their school voluntary funds.

What does this solution have to offer?

Pebble’s School Fund Manager with sQuid’s ePayments is the perfect solution for managing voluntary funds and catering finances, administering online payments to parents, creating reports and auditing accounts. This is all provided in one solution and it is suitable for primary and secondary schools and academies. In addition:

  • It creates a comprehensive audit trail
  • It is up to 30% cheaper than other accountancy and online payment packages, making it the most cost effective solution for schools on the market
  • It has the ability to export reports to Excel.


Pebble has always valued its relationship with customers and prides itself on its customer service and support. As a new customer, you receive online training to help you get started using the new system. We’ll also make sure that you’re making the most of the system to meet your needs.  Each customer then has the continued support of Pebble’s experienced technical support team who are on hand to respond to any query. You can contact a member of the team by telephone or email – whatever best suits your way of working.

Kerry adds:

“The customer service we receive from the company, in all areas of technicality now and during the transitional period of introducing the ePayment system, cannot be faulted.  It is of great comfort and value to us when we experience problems and need to resolve them at speed in order to keep to our financial deadlines.”

In turn, the support team works in close collaboration with Pebble’s in-house development team.  Any suggestions put forward by customers are always received openly by the development team who constantly endeavour to keep the software at the highest standard to meet real customer requirements.

For parents

Pebble aims to make the process of paying online easy, enjoyable and time effective for parents.

  • It enables parents to pay online for school trips, uniform and other items
  • It is a convenient alternative to writing cheques or organising cash to send into school
  • Quick and easy to use, it is available 24/7, making it an attractive alternative payment mechanism to traditional methods
  • It sends an e-mail confirmation for each payment
  • It allows parents to view a record of payments they have made to the school
  • It gives parents confidence in a reliable and trustworthy solution, which directly addresses any concerns they may have, by delivering a safe, secure and efficient cashless payments system.

As Kerry tells us,

“Our parents enjoy using the system.”

For schools

The Pebble and sQuid solution offers a range of key benefits to schools:

  • Fully auditable payments
  • Reduced administration
  • Reduced cash collections
  • No more bounced cheques
  • Regular settlement to your bank account
  • Dedicated online portal for parents to track payments for personal account keeping
  • School trips, uniform, dinner money, and other offers are created and uploaded with ease, saving you time when administrating voluntary funds. This frees staff from handling cash and cheques to focus on account management and reporting activities.


“We would highly recommend the system for the following reasons: –

  • Ease of use for both school and parent or carer
  • Saves time
  • Value for money
  • Best value.”

It is obvious to see why leading schools such as St Olave’s use Pebble and sQuid; the collaboration is not only innovative and future proof, it is a seamlessly integrated end to end online payments and accounting software solution.

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