School Fund Finder Success

Here at Pebble, we love to hear about your fundraising success stories.  With the help of School Fund Finder, our schools have secured external funding to improve their school facilities, run special projects and activities, and purchase new resources for the classroom.

Each school has made a minimum of 500% return of their investment – and they have just started!  The total on the School Fund Finder Fundraising Wall so far this year is £67,000 and there is much more available.  Why don’t you get your share and start fundraising with us like the schools below?

Check our website at and book a free online demonstration with one of our team of fundraising coordinators.

Call us one 0845 310 1788 or email at

How we can help you:

School Fund Finder makes the entire process of fundraising more efficient, saving you time.

  • Information is tailored specifically for school needs
  • Grants are presented in summary form for quick and easy searching
  • Reminders are sent directly to your inbox.

We provide schools with the necessary resources to support their fundraising campaign:

  • Grants and funding search
  • Email alerts and deadline reminders
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Document templates
  • Events calendar
  • Latest fundraising news.

Our experience is everything. We actively encourage our subscribers to achieve their goals by taking advantage of our knowledge and expertise.  As part of your subscription, you receive unlimited support from our fundraising coordinators, Rachel Gordon and Marcus Ridley.

  • School Fund Finder is registered with the Institute of Fundraising
  • We give you one-to-one support via our telephone advice line and email
  • We’ll also review your grant applications to share our knowledge and maximise your success
  • We have a dedicated research team focused on school fundraising to keep you up to date with the latest innovations in fundraising.
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