10 freebies for schools that you can get right now

At School Fund Finder, we’re constantly on the lookout for grants, competitions and free stuff for schools. Here are our top ten freebies that you can apply for right now on behalf of your school.

Free eBooks from Oxford Owl.  Oxford Owl is a free website dedicated to helping parents and primary school teachers inspire children’s reading. It has over 250 free eBooks and other useful resources for home and classroom use. There is also a special selection of books designed to encourage more boys to take up reading.

Free guitar lessons from Rex Pearson.  Rex Pearson has worked in schools for a number of years developing guitar courses and teaching all age groups. He has created online guitar courses and lessons for anyone to use, in the classroom or at home. They are available online and they are completely free to use. Lessons include music theory and playing techniques.

Free school trips to English Heritage sites. English Heritage offers free admission to all of its historic sites for school and educational groups, from prehistoric sites and Roman towns, medieval castles and abbeys, to industrial mills and Victorian houses. It’s perfect for inspiring history teaching and outdoor learning in a unique setting.

Free donated items from Giving World Online. The charity Giving World Online provides a link between organisations that have unwanted or surplus goods and local groups, including schools, in need of support. Previously donated items include arts materials, educational materials, school bags, clothes and textiles, computing equipment, office furniture, stationery and toys. Simply sign up online.

Free unwanted or surplus stock from B&Q. Every B&Q store operates a waste donation scheme whereby waste materials, such as slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, odd rolls of wallpaper and end of range materials, are donated to community groups, charities and schools. Just fill in a Waste Donation form at your local B&Q store.

Free paint from Community RePaint. Community Repaint redistributes surplus tins of paint to charities and community projects across the country so that they don’t go to waste. Many schools have used the paint for classroom improvements or school murals – it’s a perfect way to spruce up a classroom. Use the postcode checker on the Community RePaint website to find your nearest scheme.

Free mobile web app programming tool from Weejot. Weejot is offering all schools, colleges and universities in the UK free student access to its mobile web app publishing tool. It’s perfect for budding programmers to improve their programming skills using HTML5 and JavaScript.

Free workshops from the Dogs Trust. Primary school teachers can book a workshop with a Dogs Trust Education Officer and a friendly dog! Workshops use the theme of dog ownership as a means to help pupils develop self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, communication and teamwork skills, and make curriculum links.

Free potatoes for primary schools. Grow Your Own Potatoes is a primary school based growing project which challenges pupils to grow potatoes at school.  It is designed to be a fun way to educate children about the potato’s role in a healthy diet and how things grow. Register now for your free potato growing kit.

Free newspapers for schools. The Newspaper Licensing Agency gives schools in the UK free access to an online newspaper cuttings library and a free paper copying licence. It’s a fabulous resource for the classroom. Simply register online.

Want to know more? School Fund Finder is a subscription-based service specifically designed to help schools find, apply for and secure additional funding.  So whether you’re looking to launch an extra-curricular project, buy new equipment for your sports hall, or spruce up your school’s grounds, we can help!  To contact the School Fund Finder team, please call 0845 310 1788 or email info@talktopebble.co.uk

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