Who doesn’t love a school competition? Here’s a list of our top five.

Last week we gave you our top 10 freebies up for grabs, now it’s time for the competitions. You or your students can enter all of these right now on behalf of your school, and be in for the chance to win some cash or prizes.

Tycoons in Schools
Now in its second year, Tycoon in Schools is an enterprise competition, where shortlisted schools are given a £1,000 start-up loan and pupils are challenged to start a business and make a profit. Tycoons in Schools 2013 will kick off in September when pupils will pitch their business ideas to their tutors, following a series of business planning sessions which will be provided in advance by the Peter Jones Foundation. Registration closes at 5pm on 9th September 2013.

RGS: Young Geographer of the Year 2013
Organised by the Royal Geographical Society and Geographical magazine, this is a competition for young geographers aged between 9 and 18 years in the UK and Europe – with great prizes for them and their school. Apply by the 11th of October 2013.

The Big Draw: Drawing Inspiration Awards
The Big Draw, which aims to promote drawing, takes place between 1st October and 31st October 2013. Schools, community groups, museums and other not-for-profit organisations in the UK are eligible to take part. Enter your event for the chance to win a cash award!

Timstar Innovation Search
Do you have an idea for a new science teaching aid that will inspire young people to work scientifically? Teachers and technicians are invited to enter this competition from education suppliers Timstar for the chance to see their idea turned into a new product for the classroom. Apply by the 13th of September 2013.

Rosetta Stone: #languages4schools
Rosetta Stone has launched a new competition for UK secondary schools in inner city areas of London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester. Schools that enter have the chance to win 30 Rosetta Stone language-learning software licenses. Apply by the 18th of September 2013.

Want to know more? School Fund Finder is a subscription-based service specifically designed to help schools find, apply for and secure additional funding.  So whether you’re looking to launch an extra-curricular project, buy new equipment for your sports hall, or spruce up your school’s grounds, we can help.  We can even write a bid for you on your behalf.  To contact the School Fund Finder team, please call 0845 310 1788 or email info@mypebble.co.uk

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