Funding to boost kids’ confidence and skills for life

As discussions of mental health checks for children hit the news, we decided to ask the question, what can be done to make a young person happier and more confident?

Happiness is the key to a young person growing up to be a successful, well-rounded adult. No matter what age you are – how you feel about yourself affects how you act. This also includes your ability to perform well at tasks.

Most children will have issues with self-esteem during their lifetime. Situations such as starting a new school, moving house and difficulties at home could knock anyone’s confidence – but for a child these things could seem especially detrimental.

Studies show that children who have low self-worth very often do not perform well in school and are more likely to behave badly, as a way of acting out. This is why it is so important that there is a strong support network put in place by parents and schools.

Here are a few grants for schools that we have found to be helpful in boosting a child’s confidence:

Learn with Dogs

A helpful paw from man’s best friend, Primary schools can book a workshop with a Dogs Trust Education Officer. Workshops use the theme of dog ownership as a means to help pupils develop self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, communication and teamwork skills. Pupils also get the chance to meet a friendly dog!

UnLtd: Do It Awards

UnLtd supports individuals who have their ventures firmly rooted in delivering positive social change. They help individuals to create more positive social impact by giving them a special package of support.

The Joyce Fletcher Charitable trust

This trust offers grants for music and arts activities delivered in a social and therapeutic context, particularly for the benefit of children, the disabled and disadvantaged. Preference is given to organisations in South West England, although applications from across the UK will be considered.

Want to start your own project or after school club that focuses on self-esteem or confidence building? Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help get you started.

Call the team 0845 310 1788

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