The Importance of a Project Narrative

Your project narrative is the foundation of all of your income generation efforts. Not only does it give you a framework for grant applications, it can also be used as part of your other income generation activities. A strong narrative may encourage more people to engage with your school and therefore, further increase your income. See below how you can maximise your income generation with a strong project narrative:Female hand writing on a sheet of paper

Clubs: The income you generate from the clubs at your school can be used for your project. With a clear project narrative in place, it can be used within the club and distributed to parents to inform them of how the club is helping your project.

Donations: If you have a donations page, you can use the project narrative to describe what you are raising money for.

Events: Use some of your project narrative on promotional posters, flyers and literature for your events to raise awareness of your project and to make supporters aware of how they are contributing to your project by attending the events.

Grants: Your project narrative can be used and adapted to apply for multiple grants. Once you have a clear project narrative that outlines each aspect of your project, you will be much more likely to secure funding.

Lettings: If you advertise your lettings through your website or through local media, you can use aspects of your project narrative to explain what project the money from your lettings is funding.

Services: Your project narrative can be used within your services portfolio to explain to customers how they are helping your project by purchasing your services.

Sponsorship: When approaching businesses for sponsorship, your project narrative will be a useful tool for explaining the project to them. Furthermore, if you have already set up a sponsorship deal, the text from your project narrative can be used on their website or literature.

How to write a Project Narrative?

At our workshop, ‘An Introduction to Income Generation and Grant Writing’ you will have begun to write your project narrative with the guidance of your workshop leader.

However, please do not feel that once you’re back at school that you are on your own! We are here to help you every step of the way. As you write your project narrative on our Arro system, our dedicated copywriter will give you regular feedback. Then, once your narrative reaches 75 % on Arro, you will receive bespoke feedback from our copywriter so that you can complete your narrative with confidence.

Starting with ‘why’ is the best practice when writing your project narrative. Why have you decided to undertake this project? Why do you want people to attend your activity?  ‘Why’ is the foundation underpinning the reason for your school, what your school aims to deliver and the difference your school is going to make. One of the best ways to identify the need for your project is to ask yourself why five times. That way, you will get to the core of your reasons for pursuing your project and will identify the key need.

Consultancy Option

If you would like a project narrative written for you, a Project Narrative Draft can be
purchased for £55 per hour. A professional draft of your project narrative, written iStock_000070911049_Fullby our in-house copywriter,  will save you time and strengthen your chances of securing further income. For £55 per hour, you will receive  a detailed discussion of the aims and objectives surrounding the project, a sharing of research and resources and a complete draft of your project narrative written for you by our copywriter. The estimated time to produce a project narrative, from inception to completion, is four hours.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

We could write all day about the benefits of project narratives, but don’t just take our word for it. Many of our customers have found success thanks to their strong project narratives.  Read about our success stories below:

John Ruskin School, Jonathan Verity, School Business Manager:

“From start to finish, Pebble remove the complexity from grant writing and support you along the way with helpful tips and advice. With their help, I’m now confident about successfully generating income and funding streams for my school.”

Millfields Primary School, Nina Hearty, Teacher:

“I found the experience of completing a narrative for my project an interesting and worthwhile task. The process allowed me to focus and identify clear aims for the project and work collaboratively with others to create a shared vision. Arro staff were consistently quick to respond to my requests for guidance and support and were always able to offer very helpful and detailed advice.”

The Redeemer CEP, Maggie Duncan, School Business Manager

“My biggest success was applying for an Awards for All grant. We were awarded £10,000 towards an IT projects and I believe that this success was mostly due to Pebble.”

So, What Are You Waiting For?

You have already made an excellent start by reading this article and beginning your narrative at our workshop. Log onto your Pebble Arro account to add to your project narrative. If you would like some feedback, contact our copywriter, Lucy at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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