Tips For Funding a Beautiful School Garden

Spring has sprung at Pebble HQ! We have our windows open wide and have been trading tales of recent Sunday afternoons spent digging in our respective gardens.

We’re not the only ones feeling the pull of the outdoors. Pebble have had many calls from schools who want to add lovely outdoor spaces including sensory gardens, vegetable gardens, outdoor library areas and even a

It’s no wonder. Being outdoors has wonderful benefits to both health and well being for pupils including: fresh air, reduced risk of a multitude of health baddies, stress relief, mental clarity, a feeling of community and giving back to the Earth. What’s more, if you have a vegetable garden there’s one more added benefit…yummy fresh food!

Donors know this and absolutely love to give money, time and resources to gardening projects. Here are a few ways you can let your garden inspire those around you to get digging:

  • Send a note out to parents about your garden plans and ask for their help. Many parents love to get involved in projects like this that benefit the school and ultimately, their child. They may be willing to donate money, supplies, equipment or even their time to get you started.
  • Visit retailers in your community to see if they would like to help. B&Q has a Community Reuse scheme to donate items to schools; you just have to visit your local store.
  • Scour the internet for freebies that may be of use in your garden. For example, Grow Your Own Potatoes will send you a free potato growing kit for you to use when you register!
  • Enter competitions such as The Harvest-ometer Challenge (London-only). Good old competitive spirit is a big driver for some. Use that to your benefit to get even more donations.

If you carrotswant more tips and tricks, links to other freebies, competitions and grants or if you’d like to get started with our Funding Passport which will get your gardening project ready and put forward to donors in just two weeks, give us a call on 0845 310 1788.

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